Dick Withington – “Grand Master of the Auction Block” – As a boy he worked for the local country auctioneers during the summer, as well as helping his mother in her Antique Shop. Dick then worked for Keene auctioneer, Jim Hall, doing everything from setting up the tents to calling on occasion. Under his guidance, Dick learned how to combine entertainment & humor, while selling some of the finest New England antiques. In 1949, armed with ambition & lots of natural ability, Dick started his own auction company. He soon surpassed his competition to become the best Country Auctioneer in the business. Demonstrating that Auction selling can be entertainment, he has deservedly earned the title of “The Bob Hope of the Auction Block!” In 59 years, he has had almost 2,500 auctions and has been a leading player in the auction world, having sold some of the finest American Antiques and Furnishings His involvement in selling Dolls at Auction began back in 1959 when he sold Mrs. Alexander Smith’s Doll Museum and since then has sold doll collections for individuals and museums continuously.


Larry Leizure – “Auction Manager, CEO, Computer Tech, Appraiser” – Began working part-time for Withington 10 years ago, running the business when Dick was wintering in Florida. Innovations such as a WEB-site and full color catalogues have helped to bring the auction company into the 21st c. In May of 2005, WITHINGTON AUCTION, Inc. was created to separate the auction portion of the business, from Richard W. Withington, Inc. Since then, Larry and his wife Marcia own and operate the company, using the principles of Honesty and Integrity as the guidelines for running the business. In this way, Dick has been able to stay involved in the company, following up leads, picking up merchandise, cataloguing, displaying, WEB Site maintenance, Buildings & Grounds, accounting, he does it all!


Marcia Leizure (Mrs. Larry) – “Back-up Auctioneer, Publishing & Merchandising” Having been an antique dealer for 25 years with a degree in art and 20 years of experience in financial management, Marcia brought her skills to Withington’s in January of 2005. Prior to that time, she would assist with an occasional estate clean-out or an appraisal and was responsible for setting up the barn for the country auctions. Over the past 5 years, she has learned the gentle art of auctioneering from the “Master” and received her NH Auctioneer’s License (#4028) in the summer of 2004.


Dolores Smith – “Doll Specialist” – Has been a doll dealer and collector for over thirty years. Her collecting passion began by attending Withington Doll Auctions with her friend and mentor, lifetime doll collector, Mrs. Flora Horne. Under her tutelage, Dolores learned the intricacies of doll collecting first-hand and she has nurtured a personal doll collection to rival some of the finest in New England. In her quiet, knowledgeable style, she has the uncanny ability to produce quality auctions that appeal to the seasoned collector while including the novice, just discovering the world of antique dolls. To consign dolls – contact Dolores (603) 483-8090 or E-mail lsid483@comcast.net