Dick Withington has been having auctions in Hillsborough Center for nearly 60 years. Thirteen colonial buildings make up the original settlement of the land granted to Reverend Barns, Dick’s Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, (etc.) Grandfather. Gazing out our window at the idyllic village below, it’s easy to forget that we are working in the 21st century.In the peace and tranquility of the surround-ings it’s easy to disregard the outside world. But, we are connected to civilization by the internet; we use the computers and digital imaging for cataloguing the collections and are able to stay abreast of all the current trends in the auction business.  Since 1949, Withington’s auction company has been able to maintain an unblemished reputation throughout its long history.

 Dick, who turns 90 in 2008, has worked tirelessly promoting the business he so loved. In an effort to preserve his legacy, Dick has chosen Larry and Marcia Leizure to take over the company and assure that the future of the business is strong. Together with Doll Specialist, Dolores Smith, we continue to run the company adhering to the highest standards for which Withington’s is known. Officially, in May of 2005, Withington Auction, Inc. was established to separate the auction portion of Richard W. Withington, Inc., with the provision that Dick would sell … “as long as he was able to stand up and talk!” We have been fortunate to be able to learn from the master – New Hampshire Auctioneer’s License #1, and make the subtle transition with his guidance.

Larry Leizure has managed the auction company since 1999 and most of the innovations to the business operations have been orchestrated by him. It has been a challenge to try to achieve a balance between the past and the future. Withington was always content to produce “Country Auctions” and not compete with the cosmopolitan auction galleries. In this world of internet auctions, phone bids, and minimum reserves, it’s hard to maintain an old-fashioned auction experience and still stay competitive in the real world. Of course, the company has a modern WEB-site and color catalogues and mailings are produced with our in-house publishing capabilities. And last year, a slight concession to modernism, an Absentee Bidding policy was initiated to enable customers from far-a-way places to participate in the auctions.

Yet, when you’re under the tents at a Withington Auction, it is easy to leave today’s world behind. On a clear summer day, the scents of the caterer, the buzz at the crowd at the auction preview, one can imagine the North Field filled with Model A’s and Touring Cars instead of mini vans and Ford F150’s. Withington has one of the best track records in the industry and his reputation is flawless. Checks are written to the consignors within 24 hours after the merchandise is sold! Honesty – Integrity - Knowledge have described our policy since those humble beginnings and is as strong as ever today.

Withington Auction, Inc. 2008 season begins in April with the first Doll auction of the season, and runs through October. All regular doll auctions are held at the Holiday Inn in Nashua, NH. Country Auctions are held under the tents in Historic Hillsborough Center. Please contact us if you have estate antiques or a collection of antique dolls to sell. We would be happy to meet with you and discuss what Withington Auction, Inc. can do for you.

THE DOLL AUCTION SCHEDULE FOR 2008: April 10 & 11; May 15; June 19; (no Doll Auction in July); August 21 (& 22*); Sept. 13 – Doll Extras in Hillsborough Center; September 18 (&19*); and October 23 & 24.

COUNTRY AUCTIONS BEGIN IN JUNE, AFTER BLACK FLY SEASON: June 12 - Country Auction; July 24 – Estate Antiques & Americana; August 14 – Dick Withington Mechanical Bank Collection; September 11 – Country Auction.
Sincerely, Marcia & Larry Leizure