Lot of 7 Sm. Dolls: 7 in. Blonde Parian S/H, Ptd. features, bisque limbs, cloth body, antique dress; 4 in. All bisque, inc. 205/1, ptd. features, wig, gold boots, original dress (as-is); 3 1/2 in. Frozen Charlotte pen wipe, felt skirt (chip on back of head; 4 1/2 in. papier mache S/H Hag /witch, painted features, on kid body, wood arms; 5 in. China S/H, ptd. features, black up-do, wood torso, bisque limbs; 2` seated all bisque baby in China tub; 5 in. China Half Doll, Arms-away, holding letter, turned head, ptd. features, o/c mouth, mohair wig, lace clothing (as-is)