Doll Auction Non-Pictured

June 16, 2022


24” German bisque, blue glass sleep eyes. OM with teeth, blonde mohair wig, BJCB, white dress, (needs stringing)


23” K*R 126 Character baby, blue glass sleep eyes, OM with teeth, blonde mohair wig, compo baby body (hand & arm repairs), white dress


Lot of 3 dolls, 1 – 11” paper mache, painted features (re-paint), cloth body leather arms, antique dress, 11” stockinet head, (wear), stitched features, cloth & leather body, wool suit, & 1 – 12 ½” paper mache head, felt body child


11” Nobbie Kid Googly, compo head, cloth body, blonde mohair wig, (paint touchups)


Lot of 4 – Black baby dolls, 8” – 14”, 1 – AM 341 bisque,  composition body, 2 – 8” compos, & 1 – 14” bisque head (as is), all dressed in white


Lot of 3 – Baby dolls, 12 – 14”, 1 – AM 351 bisque, compo body, 1 – compo head, 1 – Horseman bisque head, cloth body


Joel Ellis carriage with wood wheels & fringe canopy top, paint & stencil decorated (break & repair to 1 wood wheel)


18” Long dome top strap doll trunk with misc. doll clothes & shoes


28” Annette Himstedt artist doll, barefoot girl in blue dress


18” Modern Kathe Kruse, painted features, blonde wig, green dress


18” Blonde hair china, painted features, kid body with bisque arms, antique faded red outfit


2 – Black hair low brow china dolls, painted features, cloth bodies, 15” & 19” tall


Opportunity box lot of 11 compo, bisque, & plastic dolls, 5” –

7 ½” tall


Lot of 4 China half doll brushes, 7” tall


Lot of 2 – flat top doll trunks 14” & 17” long


3 – Hard plastic dolls 14” – 19” tall


3 – Hard plastic dolls, 14” – 17” tall, 1 is a walker


3 – Hard plastic dolls, 15 – 21” tall


3 – Bisque shoulder head dolls, 18” Heubach, kidoline body, 13” kidoline body, & 21” blonde hair


Lot of 2 – hard plastic dolls, 14” skater, & 13” (body crazing)


Lot of 2 – composition dolls, 10” & 14” tall


Lot of 2 – 1 – 15” composition doll, & 1 – 14” hard plastic


Lot of 2 – 1 – 17” composition doll, & 1 – 17” hard plastic roller skater


Lot of 4 – 3 – Norah Wellings dolls 8” – 12”, 1 – cloth Topsy/Turvey


Lot of 3 bisque dolls, 1 – 10” 971 baby, brown glass sleep eyes, OM with teeth, blonde mohair wig, compo body, pink outfit, 1 – 9” painted features, OM with teeth, compo body, knit outfit, & 1 – 13” AM 971, blue glass sleep eyes, OM with teeth, brown mohair wig, compo body, pink outfit


19 ½” Black hair China, center part, painted features, cloth body with China arms, brown dress


Lot of 2 Bisque dolls, 1 – 13 ½” shoulder head, blue glass eyes, OM with teeth, blonde mohair wig, cloth body with bisque arms, black check outfit, & 1 – 20” AM 390, blue glass eyes, OM with teeth, brown mohair wig, BJCB, tan dress


2 – Bisque dolls, 1 – 24” Max Handwerck, blue glass sleep eyes, OM with teeth, blonde mohair wig, BJCB, white dress, & 1 – 22” shoulder head, brown glass eyes, OM with teeth, kid body, green dress


Opportunity box lot, 4 – Palmer Cox cloth Brownies, small black hair China, African doll 12’ tall, etc.


4 – Cloth dolls, 1 – 13” Ravca Santa, 1 – 17” Lenci, 14” Lenci type, & 1 – 14” Ravca type


Lot of uncut cloth & paper dolls


Lot of child’s utensils, cruets, granite ware, glass candlesticks, China, etc.


19 Pieces of child’s blue & white & black & white early transfer ware (as is)


2 – Bisque dolls, 1 – 13” brown glass sleep eyes, OM with teeth, brown mohair wig, BJCB, red dress, & 1 – 25” shoulder head 11Kestner, blue glass sleep eyes, OM with teeth, blonde mohair wig, cloth body with bisque hands, white dress


Opportunity box lot, Mason & Taylor doll, wood artist doll, mohair bear, bisque head doll, Framed litho “Our Boarding House” 12 ½” x 12 ½” Trade card, etc.


Lot of miniature animals, people, carts, furniture, etc., & 14 ½” tall fretwork church


Lot of 6 porcelain figurines, 5” – 10” tall, probably German


13 – Porcelain miniature Suffolk cottages about 2 ¾” tall


2 – 13” Santon type woman, molded clay heads & hands on wire armature bodies, lead shoes, ethnic dress


Lot of miniature doll house furniture, China, & accessories


2 – Lots of misc. doll related items including dolls & small houses made of clay from Peru.


Lot of 3 – 3” tall cast iron toy house bank, 23” long red paint metal wheel cart, & paint decorated folk art balancing toy


Box lot of fabric, fur, lace for doll dress making


3 – Bisque head artist dolls by DG, AM Googly 9”, 9” Googly, & 10” Googly JDK 221


3 – Bisque head artist dolls by DTMG, 16” Jester painted face, clothed, 12” Nicole by Diane Effner, & 8” Marotte


3 – Bisque head artist dolls by DG, 10” EJ no clothes, 13” Jumeau, & 10 EJ no clothes


2 – Bisque head dark skin artist dolls by DG, 23” Jumeau 1, pink dress, & 27” Bru Jne 13, extra pink dress, suede body


Lot of 3 repro. Bisque head dolls on Seeley bodies marked “DG”: 

15” Dianne Effner (dressed), w/ 2-pt legs; 16” Jumeau glass eye, p/e; 11” JDK 221, “Ges. Gesch” wig


Lot of 5 smaller Seeley doll bodies:  2 – 7”, 8 ½”, 9”, 11” (no heads)


Lot of 4 med. Seeley’s doll bodies: 10”, 11”, 12”, 13” (no heads)


Lg. Bin of Doll restoration supplies: 2 lg. Seeley bodies, ribbons, hat making, feathers, doll-in-progress, antq. bisque-head baby (101), 20+ pcs of light fabrics, silks, cotton, etc., (20#) Plus tool case w/ China paints, blown glass doll eyes, etc… 


Box lot of virgin mohair wig-making materials, skin wig, roving, etc. 10 +/- pcs., light colors


Lot of 4 – 2 – Bisque head baby dolls, 1 – 10” Grace S Putnam, blue glass eyes, cloth body, long white christening dress,, & 1 – 7 ½” AM 341, baby compo body, white dress, 9” Steiff bear hand puppet, & 1 – 11” Bisque shoulder head, blue glass eyes, CM, kid body with bisque arms, white dress


2 – Bisque character baby dolls, 1 – 7” 5/0 intaglio eyes, bent limb compo body (right arm shoulder crack), white dress, & 6 ½” AM Googly, painted features, compo body, painted shoes


2 – Handled wicker doll carriages


Lot of assorted doll miniatures & accessories


16” flat top strap trunk with assorted modern doll house dolls


Lot of assorted doll clothes


Lot of 5 – small dolls, 2 – black hair china dolls 7” & 10”, 2 – 6” cloth dolls, & 1 – 4 ½” peg wooden doll


Lot of small mohair bears, & other animals, mostly Boyd’s  20+


3 – Artist dolls, 1 – 7” all bisque, CM, blue glass eyes, red/white outfit, 1 – 7” all bisque , CM, blue glass eyes, green dress, & 1 – 13” –  porcelain, long blonde mohair wig, pink sweater


3 Dolls, 1 – 16” poured wax shoulder head, blue glass eyes, synthetic wig, replaced body, antique outfit (head cracks), 1 – 9” all bisque coquette type, blue outfit, & 1 – 11” wax artist doll. Edna Daly, cloth body wax limbs, pale blue outfit


4 – Dolls, 1 – 10” AM Dream Baby, 1 – 12” Scootles compo, repaint, 13” SPBH * painted bisque head, compo body, & 1 – 7 ½” Vogue toddles, compo, head crazing


Box lot of Barbies & Kens in original boxes


Box lot of Barbies & Kens in original boxes


Lot of 6 Steiff animals, 2 – 7” Mecki & Micki, 2 – 4” Macki & Mucki in original boxes, 13” Petsy bear tag only, 7” Vincenz man


Lot of 2 – 1 – 15” Blonde hair china shoulder head, painted features, cloth body, china hands (replaced?), antique red/white dress, & 1 – 17 ½” Bisque shoulder head 7 with faint 118, brown glass sleep eyes, OM with teeth, brown synthetic wig, kid body with bisque arms, antique white/red trim outfit (melting)


 2 Lots – Box lot of vintage & antique doll clothes, etc., & Box lot of vintage clothed, fabric, etc.


3 – Lots of wood doll house furniture, chairs, tables, stands, etc. 1 of the lots is walnut Strombecker Playthings furniture, ( all as is), & Box lot of assorted doll house furniture, beds, chairs, bureau, etc.


Large lot of painted doll furniture & fixtures from a Tynie Toy Colonial Mansion Dollhouse (not Tynie Toy), a few broken pieces (green, pink & white)


Large lot children’s play china, 49 Pcs. of assorted children’s tea service in 3 styles, white ironstone, gold band & floral, & copper band made in Japan, along with a Jackson & Gosling tea pot, (some rough edges 1 hairline on covered gold band, 3- Partial sets of child’s play china, aprox. 48 pcs, 2 – tea sets, 1-  Japan luster, creamers, sugars, cups saucers & plates, Japan hand painted set for 6 (1 damaged cup), 1 – German porcelain chocolate set for 6 (as found), & 60 +- Pieces of white china child’s tea sets, tea pots, serving pieces, cups & saucers, plates, some Christmas decorated, some gold band


Elaborate Victorian, black silk cape, over-all sequins, jet beads, chenille, boarder of fancy 5”lace ruffles, (collar torn, some melting & fading) & lot of 9 parasols in various sizes & condition


Lot of 5 – “Scribbles The Doll of 1000 faces” in original box (missing 1 flap), “Gone with the wind doll 61061”Mammy” by World Doll in original box, framed  10 ½” x 16” “Butterfly McQueen” poster  of “Prissy” in “Gone With the Wind” Nov 9, 1985 Dracut, MA, (frame needs work), & 16” Madame Alexander 1610 “Elise Swan Lake” doll in Blue box, & Russian wind up paint decorated chicken in original box (some damage)


Box Lot of Christmas Ornaments:  30+ blown glass various shapes, & an Amethyst, 6” glass Kugel (repro), etc. 


Lot of Black Novelties, etc.: Hard Plastic (6)’s,  Mammy & Pa,  S & P, Kissing Blk boy & girl, naughty Potty smoking holder- Cigs, Matches & ashes, & misc. buckets, apples, access.


Lot of vintage clothing mostly whites, etc.


Lot of miniature doll house stoves, metal, tin, porcelain, etc.


Box lot on miniature metal doll house furniture & doll house smalls


11 ½” long small kitchen room box with metal appliances, doll house doll, etc.


Tray lot of 11 assorted dolls 3” – 6” tall, bisque, china, plastic, (as is)


Christmas lot with Santa’s, and small assorted Christmas trees


Opportunity box lot of assorted doll miniature items & smalls


Opportunity box lot of assorted doll miniature items & smalls


2 – Trays – Opportunity box lots of assorted doll miniature items & smalls


Lot of daguerreotype frames, old pictures, other small frames, etc.


2 + 8 =

Withington Legacy & Current Staff

Dick Withington Lives On

“Grand Master of the Auction Block” – As a boy he worked for the local country auctioneers during the summer, as well as helping his mother in her Antique Shop. Dick then worked for Keene auctioneer, Jim Hall, doing everything from setting up the tents to calling on occasion. Under his guidance, Dick learned how to combine entertainment & humor, while selling some of the finest New England antiques. In 1949, armed with ambition & lots of natural ability, Dick started his own auction company. He soon surpassed his competition to become the best Country Auctioneer in the business. Demonstrating that Auction selling can be entertainment, he has deservedly earned the title of “The Bob Hope of the Auction Block!” Through the years, he led almost 2,500 auctions, as a leading player in the auction world, he sold some of the finest American Antiques and Furnishings.  His involvement in selling Dolls at Auction began back in 1959 when he sold Mrs. Alexander Smith’s Doll Museum and since then has sold doll collections for individuals and museums continuously.

As New Hampshire Auctioneer’s License #1, Dick would sell until his last days … “as long as he was able to stand up and talk!”  Dick always worked tirelessly promoting the business he so loved. We are enormously grateful to be allowed to preserve his legacy We have been fortunate to be able to learn from the master and will always miss him.

Marcia and Larry Leizure

Larry Leizure – “President, Computer Tech, Appraiser”Began working part-time for Withington a generation ago, running the auction business when Dick was wintering in Florida.  Innovations such as a WEB-site and full color catalogues have helped to bring the auction company into the 21st c.  Withington Auction Inc.  was formed in May of 2005, separating the auction business from the many-faceted business dealings of Richard W. Withington Inc. This enabled Dick to stay involved and active in the auction business, without the drudgery of daily operations.  Since then, Larry and his wife Marcia have owned and operated the company, using Dick's principles of Honesty and Integrity as the guidelines for running the business. With a degree in business management, a builder of custom homes and historic restorations, and 12 years as director of Buildings and Grounds at Lawrence Academy, Larry can correct, create and solve almost any problem... from plumbing to WEB-site maintenance... he does it all!

Marcia Leizure – Auctioneer, Publishing &  Merchandising”  Graduating college with a degree in Art and moving to NH with Larry as newlyweds, the world of antiques became a major part of their lives.  Both as collectors and  dealers, they owned and operated many shops since the 70's.  In addition having 20 years experience in  financial management, Marcia brought her skills to Withington’s in January of 2005.  Prior to that time, she would assist with an occasional estate clean-out or an appraisal and was responsible for setting up the country auction previews in the barn.  Over the past 18 years, she has learned the gentle art of auctioneering from the “Master” and received her NH Auctioneer’s License (#4028) in the summer of 2004.

I am sure Dick Withington would be extremely proud of both Larry and Marcia for maintaining his legacy. Withington Auctions is still a force to be reckoned with in the auction world.

Mike Reopel

Partner/Chief Executive Officer, Auctioneer


Auctioneer, collector, veteran, and successful business owner and executive, Mike is passionate about continuing the legacy of the Withington Auctions company.  He is a seasoned antiques collector with a special interest in White Mountain (New Hampshire) paintings, rare books, historical documents, early firearms and Dunlap and Seymour furniture.

A graduate of West Point and Harvard University, Mike served as an airborne ranger in multiple infantry units, taught economics, worked in the White House and created and led several successful businesses.  He received his New Hampshire auctioneer’s license in 2005 and currently owns several small businesses in New Hampshire and abroad.

Mike is a current board member and Treasurer of the New Hampshire Historical Society.

Ken Labnon

Partner/Chief Auctioneer, Appraiser


Professional auctioneer and appraiser, Kenneth Labnon, brings 50 years’ experience in the auction business to the Withington Auctions team.  Having worked for multiple auction companies, Ken has completed over 2,000 auctions during his career.  Along the way, he has acquired an excellent working knowledge of antiques market values, as well as expertise in valuing silver and jewelry.ent board member and Treasurer of the New Hampshire Historical Society.

Ken has donated many hours calling auctions for numerous charitable organizations including, the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth (CHAD), the New England College Alumni Association, the Henniker Rotary Club, the Cardigan Mountain School and others.

Ken’s extensive experience, professionalism, energy and integrity make him a welcome addition to the Withington Auctions team.

Gary Yeaton

Partner/ American Furniture and Clocks Specialist, Appraiser


As a professional antiques dealer, appraiser and furniture conservation specialist, Gary brings his knowledge and expertise in valuing American furniture and decorative arts to the Withington Auctions company.  Over his nearly 50-year career buying, selling, restoring and appraising antiques, Gary has acquired a broad range of knowledge in such areas as early paper, books, glass, tools, art, clocks and furniture from every period.  Over time, he developed a particular interest in furniture and clocks of the 18th and early 19th century, with a special focus on New Hampshire furniture makers, including the Dunlaps, for which he is well-known.

Gary’s excellent professional reputation and wide-ranging knowledge of antiques and the antiques market make him an invaluable member of the Withington Auctions team.

Gary is a current member of New Hampshire Antiques Dealers Association.

Conditions Of Sale

Phoenix Auction October 1 - October 8


All lots must be picked up by 13 October or make other arrangements by phone. We have arranged for UPS shipments for your convenience.